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4th Trimester Love

Mother and childWhile we talk so much about pregnancy, let’s not forget about that 4th trimester and beyond. The 4th Trimester is defined as the time from when your baby is born until they are 3 months old! Postpartum women are experiencing significant changes. This baby you have been carrying around inside you for the past nine months has finally arrived, and your world is forever changed!

Let’s talk about those ways.

Physically – The demands on your body have changed. You went from nourishing and carrying a child in your womb to now carrying your baby around and breastfeeding. Your pelvis changes throughout pregnancy and then ultimately with labor and delivery. In your first trimester, the hormone relaxin begins to be released.

Relaxin is going to help relax your pelvic ligaments, cervix and more (you will be thankful for relaxin when delivery rolls around!) It sticks with you throughout your entire pregnancy and then for at least six months after. After birth, taking care of yourself is incredibly important as your body heals. You just created, carried and labored a human. Give yourself some grace.

Breastfeeding and caring for a new baby can create a whole new demand on your body physically. If you are nursing or pumping it creates misalignment and tension in your neck, shoulders and back. The constant emptying and filling of your breasts coupled with looking down at your sweet baby 24/7 can create a perfect storm of physical discomfort and more.

Emotionally – Having a baby (whether you feel prepared or not) is about to rock your world. If you are a first-time mom, there is a massive shift. You have ultimately only been responsible for you for your entire life. Now you have this baby who needs you for everything. Your family, friends and providers are giving suggestions and comments. It can be overwhelming.

As a first-time mom myself who struggled with postpartum depression, I was trying to be “perfect.” You don’t have to be perfect; babies don’t need perfect; they just need you to be you.

Make Time for You

If this is your second or third, try not to compare. Every pregnancy, birth, postpartum and baby are different. Just make sure that while caring for that new sweet bundle, you also take care of yourself. Give yourself some “you” time, where you can be yourself and not just Mom. Take time to exercise or spend time with a friend. You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you feel trapped, ask for help. It does not make you weak. Don’t feel the mom guilt; taking care of yourself only makes you a better mother to your little ones.

How can postpartum chiropractic care help you? So many ways, y’all! Not only can chiropractic care allow for you to be more comfortable physically with all the change in demands on your body, but chiropractic care can help clear your nervous system. When you have a clear nervous system, you are giving your body the ability to function more efficiently and allowing for you to be happier and healthier.

Other Benefits of Postpartum Chiropractic Care

  • Increased milk supply
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Improved immune function

At Loving Life Chiropractic, we are certified in pregnancy chiropractic and pediatric chiropractic. Dr. Meghan has extensive training to better help you and your growing family thrive. We are here to serve and support. You are in the right place! Give us a call today and set up your initial consultation at 817-502-2963.

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